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My work is a reflection of my life; inspired by the natural world. Its beauty and its imperfections. Its paradoxes and its contrasts are coupled with a lifelong passion to create. As Grant Wood described himself and his movement, I am the American dreamer led by the American dream.


Applying a combination of skills developed over the years of many varied and eclectic career paths, I create original drawings and mixed media works. As each piece of work develops, the variety of tools I use could be anything… pastels, wood, resins, acrylics and other pigments, papers, pens, saws, drills, glue and even, time and temperature. Manipulation of these materials, allows me to create an image that communicates my impressions of physical reality while taking advantage of the complex and intensive colors and textures that are available within the medium.


The natural world around us has been aged by time, cracked by heat and frozen by cold. The ravages of wind and the beating of rain has created artwork that man cannot duplicate, but that the artist feels compelled to emulate. Rather than re-creating a landscape on a canvas, I aim to express its essence. Art has the power to make one see things in a new light. It allows us to develop a love for places and things that we would otherwise not have noticed.


I was born in Austin, Texas and currently live in the Hill Country outside of there with my wife of 25 years.


My hope is that my art will help you discover a new simple beauty. I hope that you enjoy my work, but if not that is fine too.